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Posted the source, but I was picky in my choosing of these photos as the rest of the wedding—while well done—was heavy on the multicolored theme. That said, love all the variety of old chairs and the little grove they chose! So sweet!

More cute cabins, more cute forests, and more verrryy cute invitations. Enjoy! See the source for more!

This is a recent absolute favorite. It is so perfectly simple, and set in an almost unbelievably perfect little grove of cabins. This would make for the IDEAL wedding weekend camping trip!

This couple NAILED IT on the details. The paper products, flowers, and ohbytheway that well utilized pine cone all really sold me on this shindig. And no one could complain about that view either. Places that don’t need any added decoration are always the best places. Its a rule.

(Also, W&W is DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to a massive follower milestone. Trying to think of a way to celebrate & thank you all…)

Well. I definitely like this one. Photos by Ben Blood and showcased on GWS. per usual. Venue is a ranch up in Washington State. The tables have some elegant simple details and the wedding party is looking damn good.

This wedding in Yosemite National Park is hands down a recent favorite. It was done over 3 days (next post shows some day after ceremony fun) with brunches, hiking, grilling, and general exploring throughout—all surrounding what is a gorgeous ceremony and a weekend camping trip with loved ones. Love the circle, and the natural decoration (as in…no decoration cause God kinda took care of it).

This perfectly show cases how beautiful simplicity is. I just love it.

This perfectly show cases how beautiful simplicity is. I just love it.

I RARELY post pictures of staged photo shoots but this one was in Glacier National Park!!  Which is definitely in my top 3 favorite places. I even have an acquaintance/follower getting hitched there soon (shout out). Her dress is BHLDN (aka Anthro) and they are on the banks of Flathead Lake…haven’t been to that particular place and would never do a nautical theme in Montana like they did but hey—can’t argue the venue is gorgeous!

Im SO glad the rest of these photos were posted! First I knew the second I saw the first few go online that her dress was by the lovely and perfect Anna Campbell. And second, I knew it was a “wilderness wedding” complete with picnic blankets and great looks on both the bride and groom’s sides. Major props to this Australian wedding…they just keep coming up with amazing weddings down there! 

Takes the cake on favorite wedding of the summer I think…

Things to love here: Her dress is just so unique and beautiful—I love the glitz’d up side panels, obviously the location—so hidden with the perfect mix of mountain rocks and trees, and lastly the groom bc damn those pants are fine. Need I bother saying this is in Australia, where all good weddings seem to be!

I tried to get this up fast but I had the hardest time picking which photos, they are all amazing—source for more. This rainforest elopement is made up of all the right stuff. 

another www.hellomay.com.au wedding find, great website, apparently all wedding in australia are amazing… love the covered hay-bales! 

please, i beg you, look through all the (potentially 3) posts I’m doing of this New Zealand picnic wedding!! It is gorgeous beyond words and decorated so simply! The picnic area were marked out with the logs and that groom…damn he’s pretty. Doesn’t hurt that the couple is so amazingly styled! see source for more.

Between the overlook set up, the bar, dessert table complete with mini peach cobblers, and that VIEW..its no surprise this venue is a ranch in Wyoming!

Green Wedding Shoes (Mel Barlow Photography) and styled by Event Space Consulting